Conscious Gardening From The Ground Up!

Ground level view of soil at Walkover Micro Farm.

We take this statement very seriously. We always do our best to employ gardening techniques that are simple and practical, as well as sustainable and environmentally friendly. This includes gardening without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.#NoSprayNoWay

This also includes sourcing non-gmo seeds

Besides using Non-GMO seeds and not spraying with synthetic chemicals, we also refrain from fertilizing with synthetic chemicals. Occasionally organic fertilizers are used to provide the plants with proper nutrition.

Sometimes we have to deal with diseases and pests, but if worst comes to worst the plant(s) are simply removed. There is no need to poison our soil to try and save a few plants.

Weed control is accomplished with mulching and by pulling weeds by hand or with the aid of a tool.

Lastly, all of the watering is done with filtered water.

We are constantly working on evolving our gardening techniques to produce the highest quality Organically grown crops that we can.

All of these things together encompass “Conscious Gardening From the Ground Up!”